Don't Let Chronic Pain Rule Your Life

Learn more about pain relief provided by a pain pump at our office in Amarillo, TX

When you're living with severe chronic back pain, you want a treatment option that offers instant and long-lasting pain relief. Visit Panhandle Pain Center in Amarillo, Texas to speak with a doctor about pain pumps.

An intrathecal pump, or pain pump, works by pumping pain medicine through a catheter into your spinal cord. The medicine will work immediately, so you won't have to deal with pain any longer than necessary. Make an appointment today to learn more.

3 benefits of pain pumps

Here are three things that make pain pumps an effective pain management option:

  1. They provide long-lasting relief from chronic back pain.
  2. They're a good long-term solution, because they don't have to be replaced often.
  3. They pump medicine directly into your spinal cord, so you'll feel instant relief.

Make an appointment with a pain specialist at Panhandle Pain Center in Amarillo, TX today. We'll meet with you to answer any questions you may have about pain pumps, and we'll help you decide if an intrathecal pump is the right treatment option for you.