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Ask a doctor in Amarillo, TX about spinal cord stimulation

Looking for long-term spinal cord pain relief in Amarillo, TX? Talk to a pain specialist at Panhandle Pain Center about spinal cord stimulation. Spinal cord stimulation is an effective treatment option for several forms of spinal cord pain, such as failed back syndrome and radiculopathy.

How does it work?

Find out if spinal cord stimulation is the right spinal cord pain treatment option for you. When you make an appointment at Panhandle Pain Center, we will:

  • Meet with you to determine if spinal cord stimulation is right for you.
  • Place wires in the epidural space on your back
  • Send low-level electric currents through the wires
  • Repeat this process for five to seven days.
  • Assess the results to see if the treatment is effective
  • Replace temporary wires with a permanent stimulation system

Scheduling a trial is the best way to determine if spinal cord stimulation is the right way to treat your spinal cord pain. Visit our pain management center in Amarillo, TX today to learn more.